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HouseCalls of Virginia is "Richmond's Best Kept Secret"! We are an established company with an "age old" service being offered here in the Richmond and Tri-Cities area. That's right, the days of having your doctor come to your house have returned. HouseCalls of Virginia is a full service physician's practice which treats patients in their home. "Our Doctor To Your Door", that means HouseCalls will do everything a primary care doctor does in their office, but in the comfort of your own home. We will manage acute illnesses like coughs, colds, viruses, ear infections etc… We also will manage chronic illnesses like obesity, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease etc… HouseCalls will also work very closely with your other physicians and specialists to ensure you continue to receive the best care in all areas of your needs.
  • Do children or friends take off work to get you to the doctor's office?
  • Is it physically challenging to get there?
  • Are you wheelchair bound or require assistance walking?
  • Is it painful or uncomfortable sitting in the waiting room for hours?
If the answer is yes, you will no longer have to worry with these hassles anymore! We provide quality personalized care delivered to the comforts of your home. By seeing you in your living environment we are better able to effectively evaluate your health status in your environment.

Our senior population is growing very fast and is requiring more medical attention now than ever. As this group becomes more debilitated and frail, it gets more difficult for them to leave the home for appointments. A large number of these patients rely on the ambulance and wheelchair vans as their means of transportation which can be expensive and inconvenient. HouseCalls recognized the needs of these patients and we are now providing this service in their homes. By us seeing the patients at home and as frequently as medically necessary, we are able to cut down on hospital visits and trips to the emergency room.

HouseCalls of Virginia has taken an "old fashioned" concept and brought it into a new age of medical practice.

"You can learn more about a family's social, emotional and economic problems by spending five minutes with them over a cup of coffee in their home than you can with five exams in the office."

C. Everett Koop, MD
Former Surgeon General
United States of America


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